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38205 Hwy 19S

Umatilla, FL 32757


$20 per day per person

Hours: 8AM - 5PM

Wednesday - Sunday

Over 75 Steel Targets!

14 - 15-25 yd Pistol Lanes

 7 - 150 yd Rifle Lanes

 1 - 20 yd Shotgun Lane

 2 - 50 yd Rimfire Rifle Lanes

  • We are open to the PUBLIC.  No reservations needed.

  • Our Range is 99% paper free as we use AR500 steel targets.

  • We do have a bench for sighting in @25yds on paper.

  • Magnum center fire rifles, .22-250, 22o Swifts, Armor Piercing rounds, Green Tip 5.56 and steel core rounds are not permitted on our range due to the proximity to the steel targets (Less than 200yds).

  • No full auto, Binary triggers or bump firing allowed.

Dave Holmes

Owner / Chief  RSO

2A Community - help us remain open to the public
by sending a kind Email of support to the following:

General Safety Rules

  1. Park in designated Parking Area unless otherwise directed by RSO.

  2. Check in at the office to complete waiver and emergency contact information.

  3. Eyes and Ears must be worn at all times.

  4. Maintain muzzle discipline at all times or you may be asked to leave the range without a refund.

  5. Actions must be open and facing downrange when not in use.

  6. "Cold" range means no one is permitted to handle firearms or magazines.

  7. Never handle or touch a firearms while someone is downrange.

  8. "Hot" range means you may load and fire your weapon.

  9. If your weapon malfunctions and you can not clear it, leave it on the table and contact RSO.

  10. Green tip, penetrator or AP rounds are not permitted on the range.

  11. Magnum Caliber Rifles are not permitted on the steel targets.

  12. AR and AK "Pistols" can only be shot on the RIFLE ranges.

  13. Tannerite is not permitted on the range. 

  14. Alcohol is not permitted on the range at any time.

  15. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

  16. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

  17. You may safely draw from the holster in designated areas

  18. Do not shoot anything that is not a designated target!

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