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     Bring your guns, ammo and PPE and we will provide a private shaded range with a Florida State Certified K Instructor and Advanced NRA Certified Pistol  / Rifle / Shotgun Instructor for individuals or groups of up to 6 in 2 hour blocks.  Private CWFL courses are available for up to six people for $120 and the instructor will supply everything you need for the course.  Classes are held Wednesday - Sunday 8AM - 10AM.


 Required Gear:

  1.  Firearm (Private Lessons)

  2.  Adequate ammo quantity (Private Lessons)

  3.  Eye and Ear protection (Private Lessons)

  4.  Closed toed shoes 

  5.  Ball Cap


​ 2 hour block including Range and Instructor

with 1 to 6 people - $120 

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