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Concealed Carry III 

 This 5 hr course is shot entirely on our unique steel pistol course.  This course focuses on engaging multiple targets quickly, shooting from cover, shooting and reloading while moving and accuracy at distances between 15 - 25 yds.  This course is designed to be a shooting course that can be taken regularly to keep your pistol skills sharp.  This course is designed to be repeated by graduate students as desired by arriving at 10AM for the shooting portion of the class.  Graduate students pay $25 on the day of the course with prior notice.


Shooters will:

  • Draw from the holster

  • Shoot and reload while moving

  • Clear malfunctions as needed

  • Engage 50 AR500 targets

  • Shoot distances of 15 - 25yds

  • Build accuracy, speed and confidence



  • Demonstration of safe holster draw

  • Demonstration of safe muzzle discipline


  • Pistol

  • Cover Garment

  • Quality rigid holster 

  • Quality belt

  • Billed Cap

  • Multiple magazines

  • Magazine carrier

  • 250 rds

  • Eye and ear protection. 

6 shooter maximum. 

$75 per person

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