Our private outdoor range may be rented in four hour blocks under the supervision of a range safety officer to allow your party to shoot pistols, rifles and shotguns in one four hour block.  2 150yd rifle benches and up to 5 pistol targets can be utilized at one time.  You may shoot all steel or bring your own paper targets and do a little of both.  The shotgun course and carbine course can be utilized under the direction of the RSO. 

Rainchecks will be provided for inclement weather.  


Included in 4 hr rental:

                                 - 6 bay 15 yd pistol range for paper targets

                                 - 2 bench 150 yd rifle course with steel targets

                                 - 25yd pistol steel action course

                                 - 132yd carbine steel action course

                                 - 15yd shotgun steel action course


4 hr on range with Range Safety Officer = $200. 

See Calendar to register.

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