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Defensive CARBINE Course

     This unique 5 hr course will begin with a classroom session reviewing operations, safety and deadly force parameters.  Following a one hour classroom session students will sight in their firearms and begin CQB drills followed by 5 runs on our steel training course that utilizes tank traps and off hand shooting from 65 to 150 yds.  This course is designed to be repeated as desired by graduate students to keep their skills sharp by arriving at 10AM for the shooting portion of the course.  Graduate students pay only $25 to shoot the course with prior notice.  This course allows shooters the opportunity to:

  • Sight in their carbine 

  • Practice CQB skills

  • Develop malfunction recovery skills 

  • Practice shooting off hand and from barricades

  • Shoot from various positions

  • Shoot and reload while moving

  • Practice emergency and tactical reloads

  • Engage multiple AR500 targets

  • Shoot distances of 65 - 150 yds

  • Build accuracy, speed and confidence


  • Demonstration of safe carbine handling

  • Demonstration of safe muzzle discipline

  • Demonstration of mechanical safety activation


  • Carbine, Rifle or PCC

  • Quality sling

  • Knee pads(optional)

  • Billed Cap

  • Multiple magazines

  • Magazine carrier(Optional)

  • 150 rds minimum

  • Eye and ear protection. 

Note: "Penetrator" or "armor piercing" rounds

are not permitted on steel course.  This includes green tip 5.56

6 shooter maximum. 

$75 per person

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NRA Basic Rifle Course

     This 8 hr course will provide a thorough understanding of various rifles, rifle operations, rifle safety and rifle cleaning.  Instructor will provide everything needed for this class including firearms, ammo, NRA student pack, personal protection and certificate.  Students need only bring a ball cap, snacks, drinks and a lunch.  This course will meet the Florida state requirements for the Concealed Weapons or Firearms License requirement but will not cover the legal or tactical aspects of Concealed Carry.  Students are encouraged to take our Concealed Carry I and Concealed Carry II class to round out their training and legal understanding.  Instructor will supply rifles, ammo and personal protection.   


  • Ball Cap

  • Snacks

  • Drinks

  • Lunch

  • Pen 

  • Notebook

6 shooter maximum. 

$150 per person

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