Level 1

Florida Concealed Weapons Course

This 3.5 hour course will cover basic handgun operations and safety as well as FL statutes governing the use of deadly force.  This course meets and exceeds the state requirements for the FL Concealed Weapons and Firearm License Course requirement.  We will provide everything you need for the course. 

7 student maximum - $75 per person.   See calendar to register.

Level 2 

NRA Defensive Pistol Course

   This hour intermediate pistol shooting course expands on how to use a pistol in concealed carry situations.  Participants need to have some experience with their handgun and understand firearm safety.  This course will cover concealed carry safety, defensive mindset, legal aspects of CC, carry modes and concealment and 5 hours of range time where participants will learn basic shooting techniques and advance to learn how to properly draw from the holster and defensive shooting techniques.  Pistol, holster, 300 rds and PPE required. 

6 student maximum.  $150 per person.  See calendar to register.  

Level 3

Practical Pistol Course

This 2 hour shooting experience is for shooters who have completed level 2 or equivalent (MP, LEO, G Security, USPSA, etc.) and simply need a platform to practice the skills that will keep them sharp.  This class is shot entirely on our steel course and will require moving and shooting on targets from 10-15 yds. 

Shooters must be proficient at drawing from the holster and maintaining muzzle discipline at all times. Pistol, holster 150 rds and PPE required.  

6 shooter maximum.  $25 per personSee calendar for registration.

Defensive Carbine Course

This 4 hour course will cover the basic operations of common carbines and begin with a 36 yd sight in.  After sighting in this course will begin with CQB drills from 5-15 yds and progress to our steel course where shooters will move and shoot on targets from 132-65 yds.  Carbine, Sling, 2-3 magazines, 120 rd minimum. 

6 shooter maximum.  $75 per person.  See calendar for registration.

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