Concealed Carry I Course

This course meets the state of Florida requirements

for the CWFL proficiency requirement. 

Instructor will provide everything you need for this course -

However please bring a billed cap.


   This 4 hour course will cover the following:

  • Basic handgun operations and safety

  • Adrenaline's impact on accuracy

  • Situational Awareness 

  • FL statutes governing the use of deadly force

  • Fl statutes governing Concealed Carry

  • Semi auto and Revolver shooting experience

8 student maximum 

$75 per person.   

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Concealed Carry II Course

     This 6 hr pistol course expands on your CWFL course training and prepares you for a threat encounter.  Participants need to have basic experience with their handgun and understand firearm safety and muzzle discipline.  Class size limited to provide personal instruction.  This course is designed to be repeated as desired by arriving after the 1 hour of classroom review.  Repeat students pay $50 on the day of the course with prior notice.



  • Basic handgun fundamentals

  • Concealed carry safety and tactics

  • Lethal force parameters

  • Safely drawing from concealment

  • Malfunction corrections

  • Emergency / Tactical reloads 

  • Multiple threat engagement

  • Moving while shooting and reloading 

  • Shooting from retention

  • Shooting from cover

  • Situational awareness 

  • Less / Nonlethal options



  • Pistol

  • Quality strong side OWB rigid holster  

  • Quality belt

  • Cover garment

  • Billed Cap

  • 3 magazines

  • Dual Magazine carrier

  • 150 - 200 rds

  • Eye and ear protection  

6 student maximum  

$100 per person

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Defensive CARBINE Course(2022)

     This course is designed to be taken regularly to allow shooting on a steel course to keep your carbine skills sharp. This hr course allows shooters the opportunity to:

  • Sight in their carbine 

  • Practice shooting off hand and from barricades

  • Shoot and reload while moving

  • Clear malfunctions as needed

  • Engage multiple AR500 targets

  • Shoot distances of 65 - 150 yds

  • Build accuracy, speed and confidence


  • Demonstration of safe carbine handling

  • Demonstration of safe muzzle discipline

  • Demonstration of mechanical safety activation


  • Carbine, Rifle or PCC

  • Quality sling

  • Knee pads(optional)

  • Billed Cap

  • Multiple magazines

  • Magazine carrier(Optional)

  • 150 rds

  • Eye and ear protection. 

Note: "Penetrator" or "armor piercing" rounds

are not permitted on steel course.  This includes green tip 5.56

6 shooter maximum. 

$100 per person

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28 Hr Class G Course

    This 28 hr course is for persons who hold a Florida Class D, CC or C license and need to complete their state mandated 28HR Firearms Training Course to acquire their G License.  This course will be conducted by a state certified K Instructor.  You must bring and qualify with the caliber (380, .38spl, 9mm, .40 0r .45) that you intend to carry on duty.  Price includes one caliber.  



  • Florida D, CC or C License

  • Duty Pistol

  • Quality OWB holster

  • Quality belt

  • Billed Cap

  • 3 magazines

  • Dual magazine carrier

  • 144 rds - minimum

  • Eye and ear protection. 


  • Classroom portion @

  • Miller and Miller Office:

​​         3911 N. Co Rd 19A

         Suite 3                                                           

         Mt Dora, FL 32757

Friday and Saturday 8AM - 8PM

Sunday 8AM - 5PM

NOTE: 10 student maximum. 

$200 per person

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